Melania Vargas

Melania Vargas

Account Management
Houston, TX

Before joining HH I was...

looking for an incubator for talents that I have not yet discovered.

What do you hope to get from this internship?

I hope to further my knowledge of Advertising, and understand how agency life works to see if Accounts Management is truly what I want to focus my career on after graduation. I also want to network with the other interns and those who already work at Hill Holliday in different departments, for those connections and friendships are perhaps one of the most valuable assets that I will receive from this program.

What's the best piece of advice you've received?

That ALL parts of my identity are my biggest asset, that I must not shy away from them, or try to hide them from those around me, but rather shine WITH them. That I must understand that they make me who I am, and they will make me the woman I want to be.

What's your strut down the street song?

waka waka

I am proud to be...

a good example for my three little sisters.